A Romantic Mutiny in a Maelstrom of Data


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-->  Divination is both a consolidation and work in progress cum living thesis that continues Nancy Mauro Flude’s raison d'être - the fascination with how humans and now machines compute and eventually reconfigure or understand data. Acts of Divination are complex and mysterious at the best of times…Divination the performance art work is part oracle, part salon, smoke and mirrors, shimmering reflections profound prognostication...With a big nod to 1920’s heroic Constructivist models- El Lissistsky, Meyerhold, Alexandra Exter et al the set was teetering on explosion….milky way constellations oddly even basely titled. This map was to confound rather than clarify. Pathways had to be intuited rather instructed.”
Review - Craig Judd Detached Coordinating Curator
SOURCE: Art Monthly

-->   James Valentine interview with Nancy Mauro-Flude
ABC - The Mix, 18 Jun 2016 - short edit.
SOURCE: ABC News | Duration: 2min 41sec

-->  One for the coders and computer nerds out there. Divination by Nancy Mauro-Flude consisted of a constant stream of data highlighting both the jolly old sea shanty pirates of lore as well as the modern equivalent of data and information piracy. The strangest part for me was the big round wedding tables for a dozen guests to sit around in the same room. Weirdest wedding reception ever.
SOURCE: Czeching Out Tasmania

-->  Divination by Nancy Mauro-Flude is the pirate trip of your dreams. A ’30s era DaDa cabaret meets a cyberpunk Internet cafe, lead by the Pyrate Queen and her crew who will be conducting a conversation with pirate girl chatbots in a sea of data surrounding a shipwreck.
SOURCE: 10 Fun & Weird Things You Can Do At Dark Mofo This Year by Rebecca Russo 12 April 2016.
FILE: 10 Fun & Weird Things You Can Do At Dark Mofo This Year PDF

-->  Links the arcane traditions of pirate codes and conduct with the modern relationships we have with data and networks that are both mysterious and communal…Nancy has been researching pirate custom and culture from the nautical era of pirate queens like Grace Ó Máille and Ching Shih to Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks and regards personal data as the new treasure, with large corporation’s desire for personal data increasing as the price of gold drops. The Divination installation was a glorious shipwreck of a Pyrate Queen with invisible network traffic projected as constellations by which to navigate. Audiences communicate with non-human performers (chat-bots) within the space and receive ghost-like messages or signals from the unseen.
SOURCE: ‘A modern day pirate girl tale – personal data is the new treasure chest of gold’ The Tasmanian Arts Guide 24 May 2016
FILE: The Tasmanian Arts Guide PDF

-->   Penny McLeod interview with Nancy Mauro-Flude
FILE: ‘TechSavvy’ - The Mercury, TasWeekend June 11 -12, 2016. P.17 PDF

water and skulls beneath the pirate ship